Wichita Falls 2010 All Breed Show

Wow, we had a big day today in Wichita Falls! Knightley showed in the dog breed classes and took first in his class. The venue was oddly arranged, and the Cavaliers were right under the heels of the Bouviers the whole time. Then we waited until after Best in Show for the B Match. Knightley again took first in his class, then we rushed over to the Junior class where Kaitlyn showed him and took first in her class as well. The Junior match was quite a learning experience. Junior classes are all breed, but each handler is supposed to show her dog the way it would be shown in its own breed class, so they are all up there doing something different. The match judge for the dog class was our friend, Mary, from the DFW toy dog club, so that was fun. I was happy to be able to speak to her afterward about Knightley, who is still recovering from straining a muscle in his leg.

The whole family came along to see what dog shows look like. We found a great new cart too, which the kid had to try out right away. The video below is of Kaitlyn showing Knightley in the junior match.

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