Why won’t my Cavalier come when called?

Recently, someone found our website by searching for this question:

Why my cavalier king charles spaniel wont come when called?

I will now do my best to answer this question, as a self-professed Behavioral Expert Research Professional (BERP).
Cavaliers suffer from a common condition called praesertim auditum. A fabricated disease which affects primarily Cavaliers and teenagers. Praesertim auditum loosely translates to ‘selective hearing’. Our Valentine suffers from this fake malady. If she doesn’t want to come, she’s just going to pretend that she can’t hear you. Why won’t your Cavalier come when called? Perhaps she doesn’t feel like it.

Seriously, if you are actually worried about your dog’s hearing, there are veterinarians that specialize in hearing tests for dogs. They run a test called a Brain Auditory Evoked Response (BAER). Ask your vet for more details. Mike Freeman D.V.M. is a local vet offering BAER tests in Dallas.

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