Valentine wins Reserve Winners her first time in the ring!

Oh, we are so very excited. After first winning her 6-9 month puppy b class, Valentine took Reserve Winners today! We didn’t get an official photo with the judge, but a friend ringside took one with a better camera, and I hope to post that soon. We had more great results today…

Knightley also won his class (12-18 months puppy dog) today with style.

Kaitlyn and Carter did so great in Junior Showmanship. They were both entered in the “Novice Intermediate” class. Kaitlyn took her second novice win today! Carter took second place.

The kids had a very nice “old school” judge today, Thomas Gomez. What a learning experience! When the winners went back in for Best Junior, he had them all do a “T”. All the juniors were unprepared. Kaitlyn had never practiced this maneuver before, but she had read about it in George Alston’s book. She stumbled a bit on the corners, but Kaitlyn was the only junior who properly switched lead hands, always keeping the dog between herself and the judge. I am so incredibly proud of this smart girl who thinks so quickly on her feet! Unfortunately, we didn’t get a win photo with this judge either, because he had to go judge group.

What a long day at the show after showing 2 dogs and 2 juniors in 3 classes, going back in for winners 3 times! The puppies and kids were so exhausted that we decided to skip the B-match in the evening, and the whole family instead went out to a great dinner in Longview at Butcher Shop Steakhouse. We should sleep really well tonight, then we have another big day at the show tomorrow and a long drive home.

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