Knightley - Tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Frequently asked questions about Mokido Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Will the AKC registration be restricted/limited?

Yes. Limited AKC registration means all puppies sold as pets will be on a spay/neuter contract and cannot be bred or shown in AKC Conformation. We recommend that puppies be at least 12 months old before they are spayed or neutered.

Are the parents health certified?

Yes. All of our dogs are OFA heart certified by a cardiologist, OFA Patella certified, OFA hip certified and eyes CERF certified by an opthamologist annually.

Why are Cavaliers so expensive?

Responsible Cavalier breeders who are health testing and showing their breeding adults typically charge between $2000-$3000 for a pet quality puppy. Show potential puppies sell for much more. We put a lot of care, consideration, and money into breeding healthy puppies that grow up to be healthy adults that actually look like beautiful Cavaliers. People can easily find a registered “Cavalier” for less at a puppy mill or irresponsible breeder, but even in the short term, that puppy will likely cost far more in immediate health care costs. In the long term, it probably won’t live as long, and it won’t look like a cavalier is expected to look.

I don’t want a show dog, so why should I buy from a show breeder?

There are various kinds of performance dog shows, but when talking about a “show breeder”, one is usually referring to AKC conformation shows. In a conformation show, the dog is judged by how well it conforms to the breed standard. That’s it! Conformation shows are simply designed to evaluate breeding stock. This means we take a dog we want to breed to expert judges, who have been through a lot of years of experience and training, and have the judges go over the dog and evaluate if it is a good representative of Cavaliers, sound and beautiful enough to breed. Breeders need to be part of this community of other breeders and judges in order to ensure Cavaliers continue to be Cavaliers. Hopefully, through careful planning and health testing, we go beyond that and even improve the breed. There can certainly be additional motivations, but this is the core purpose of AKC dog shows. It is show breeders that are making great progress improving the health of this precious breed and know the health histories of dogs far back into their pedigrees. Testing only a couple dogs just doesn’t tell a person much.

Will my puppy come with papers?

Yes, all our puppies are AKC certified. You may register your puppy with the AKC by mailing in the certificate we give you or by visiting the AKC website.

Have the puppies been well socialized?

Yes. By the time they are ready to go home with you, all the puppies will have spent a lot of time with our family. They will be accustomed to small children, other animals and all the elements of a busy household. Our adult dogs are only confined to crates for mealtimes and at night.

Are the parents on site?

The mother is on site and would love to meet you.

What kind of food has my puppy been eating?

We feed a quality dry kibble that is by-product, corn and wheat free. We will provide you with a sample when you bring your puppy home. You can find it at high-end feed stores, at Petco or Petsmart stores or online. If you choose not to continue feeding the same food to your new puppy, we recommend you purchase a small bag of it to gradually switch over to your preferred brand. Please feed your puppy premium food and consider the natural brands. Good nutrition is cheaper in the long run. In the short run, they eat half as much (so the bag goes twice as far), and you’ll have much less waste to scoop in the yard.

Do you have any puppies ready right now?

Please check availability on our Puppies page. We do not breed frequently, so we only occasionally have puppies available.

Will you take the dog back if I cannot care for it in the future?

Yes. We will always be ready and willing to give your dog a good home should you be unable to care for it in the future for any reason. We don’t want any of our beloved puppies to ever end up in a rescue or shelter.

Do you own or breed other breeds of dogs?

No. We own just a few Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and have no other pets.

Do the puppies have their shots and wormings?

Yes, all our puppies are current on shots and have been dewormed on schedule. They will also be individually examined and cleared by our veterinarian before going home.

Will you be available to help me with questions after we go home?

Absolutely! Please stay in contact with us. We are happy to help you with any questions that might arise. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find out.

Are Cavaliers good with children?

Yes. We feel that Cavaliers make a perfect family pet. Small children should always be well supervised when around a delicate puppy.

Do Cavaliers make good guard dogs?

No. Cavaliers tend to love everyone they meet. They likely will bark at intruders, but it is difficult to imagine them scaring anyone away.

How much grooming do Cavaliers require?

Cavaliers require daily to weekly brushing to maintain their long, silky coat.

Should I get a male or female Cavalier?

If I were to have only one Cavalier, I’d want a male. The common saying in cavaliers is, “Females love you, but males are in love with you.” I have found this to be true of every Cavalier I’ve owned. The males tend to really adore their owners. The females tend to be more aloof and love whomever they choose at that particular moment. It is a common misconception that male dogs have issues with dominance with their owners and other animals. With Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, it is the females that establish dominance hierarchies, and the males just go along with the flow. Two female cavaliers in the same household will generally have some issues with dominance, whereas two males will not. A one male/one female combination will not have dominance issues either, as the female will run the house.

Do Cavaliers have common health problems?

Yes. Please be sure you are fully informed of all the health problems common to Cavaliers. While I am knowledgeable about them, I am not a veterinarian capable of speaking authoritatively on the subject, nor do I feel comfortable plagiarizing someone else’s words. I prefer to direct you to the experts. There is some especially good information on the websites for the AKC parent club and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club USA.

I can’t come pick my puppy up. Will you ship him?

No. We do not ship puppies. We can meet you face to face at the airport with your puppy, so he can fly back under the seat with you in the cabin. This is usually a more affordable option than shipping anyway.

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