Collective nouns

A Cuddle of Cavaliers?

I can’t help but wonder what a group of cavaliers is called. Other animals have unique collective nouns:

  • a pride of lions,
  • a murder of crow,
  • a gaggle of geese,
  • a prickle of porcupine,
  • a parliament of owls.

Cavaliers are special enough that we should not be linked in with other dogs, pack is so tacky, kennel is so common.

There is some precedence for this query as there are some dog breeds who have a collective noun:

  • A sute of bloodhounds
  • A leash of greyhounds

So, as a community, what should we call a group of Cavaliers?

A royal of cavaliers?
A cuddle of cavaliers?
A court of cavaliers?
A waggle of cavaliers?

What do you think?

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