CKCSC-USA COTMW 2010 Dallas Cavalier Championship Show

Wow, what an amazing weekend we’ve had at the CKCSC-USA show! This was my very first “Old Club” show, and hopefully it was just the first of many. Club shows are a completely different experience. Thursday started off with a puppy sweepstakes, and we got to meet a lot of people. Friday was a regular conformation day all day long, then in the evening we went to a great “Eat, Speak and Bid” event. They had a yummy Italian Buffet, then Dr Shawn Messonnier, DVM spoke on “Treating the Cavalier Using a Natural Approach.” After that was fun live auction. Joel came with me to the evening events and we both had such a wonderful time. Saturday was another all-day performance and conformation day. I saw the most beautiful cavaliers win. I also ordered some custom Wallybeds, which I can’t wait to see. Then after another day of perormance and conformation, the show wrapped up with a Tex-Mex fiesta Sunday evening at Ted and Mary Grace Eubanks’ lovely home. Joel was able to join me again for the party.

The photo above is of the whelping room at Ted & Mary Grace’s home. The mama dog was there to demonstrate the seriousness of the warning sign. The painting above is of Ted with Rocky. Every time I visit their home, I am once again floored by the beauty of their dogs. They have such a nice facility too.

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